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A Glimpse of Remedial Cases in 2013

Posted by Eng Kiat on January 1, 2014 at 9:40 AM

In the year 2013 was a 'tipping point' year for Balancing Rocks studio. Due to the featured segment on Channel U in November 2012 and more people having the open-mindedness, the studio got to see many more varied cases in 2013.

Here is the link to the cases with more info:


Below is a summary of the cases:

a) Initially she was burdened with her incontinence condition that she had for close to a year. As her condition improved, she started to work on other conditions that she had from headache to menstural cramp. And eventually getting pregnant (something that she and husband has been trying for 3 plus years), and delivering a healthy baby in Dec 2014.

b) He has Frozen Shoulder, and has been using Celebrex to control the condition well aware of the side effects as he is professional linked to the medical industry. In his words, he has tried everything and he knows the various treatments available in the mainstream medical system provides. Though he was open to giving this treatment a go but remains highly skeptical because he had already tried 'everything'.

c) His neck and back has become so stiff that activities such as driving and golfing has become a painful chores for him. Seeing his golf pals improving after embarking on remedial program at the studio, he gained confidence and started coming for class.

d) This lady worked just across from my studio. Only after she could not bear with the back pain anymore that she decided to take the plunge to come to the studio. This was almost 2 years after she was first introduced to the studio by her colleague.

e) She came to the studio by chance and with a complain with her hip that she couldn't get rid through massage. After experiencing good result, she became more open-minded and wanted to work on improve her asthma condition which she has since teenage days.

f) This young gal of 13 had her knee cap displaced while playing Netball in school. The injured leg was unable to be weight-bearing and the range of motion was totally restricted. We work togehter to bring down the swelling around the knee (with the yoga approach), then reduce the tightness around the knee, and gradually restore the range of motion of the knee joint. As her range of motion improve then we started working on bringing strength to the leg.

g) She has been suffering from Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux condition for at least 6 months. This has disrupted her work life and she was determined to improve on her ocndition. Hence her willingness to have 3 sessions a week. And within 5 weeks, this condition of hers improved to the extend that she doesn't experience the condition for days as compared to her earlier experience where she can get a few episodes in the same day.

h) This teenage gal of 18 came with her mom. Her mom was the one that believed that I would be able to help her with her menstrual cramp condition. And being young, she was able to see improvement very fast.

i) This lady of 35 came to me very recently and her intitial complain was her intense back pain. We worked on this quite frequently on twice weekly basis, and the pain has now become bearable. As of today, we continue to work on it, and now also started working on her intense menstrual cramp that she have been having for years.  

j) A very recent case of less than 1 month, she is suffering from Hyper Thyroidism. The intial result is positive as her fatigue level has shown improvement. We continue to work on having greater improvement.

k) This lady of 55 is another case where she has tried everything. Being someone who has suffered 2 strokes, have multiple issues, and most recent a pulled sensation at the abdominal region that prevented her from sitting up. When she saw the featured program on TV, she somehow felt that the 'untreatable' condition was able to get some relief. There has been lot of improvment, and we continue to re-balance the body that has been affected by the 2 strokes.

// that's the snap shot for 2013 //

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