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Uncle Senior Lim - His progressive journey from a stroke from 12 years back

Posted by Eng Kiat on September 24, 2014 at 2:05 AM

Uncle Senior Lim - His progressive journey from a stroke from 12 years back.
Uncle Lim is 81 years old this year. He had not been mobile for a while, and started to class @ Balancing Rocks in the month of May 2014.

[Stroke-Rt Body Leg] Video #5 - taken 15 Sep
(Do compare this video to Video #4.
You will notice that the walking speed has increased by at least 30%.)

[Stroke-Rt BodyLeg] Video #4 - taken 28th-July.
(You can watch this video side-by-side with video #3.
There is a firm strength on the Right Foot now. )

[Stroke-Rt BodyLeg] Video #3 - taken 5-July]
(He has to use his walking stick for the past 12 years. Now he has progressed to walking without it for short distances. )

[Stroke-Rt BodyLeg] Video #2 - taken 27 Jun (2 weeks from the video #1)
Improvements that are visible:
1] he can walk in the studio without his walking stick ,
2] his right knee can take the body weight better -- can see from video

[Stroke-Rt BodyLeg] Video #1 - taken 14-June. Already some improvement from 17th May (1st session).
Uncle initial conditions are:
- need the walking stick at all time including home.
- no strength with the right leg due to stroke 12 years ago









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