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(Repost) F1 cars vs Human bodies...

Posted by Eng Kiat on April 11, 2012 at 3:55 AM


[A blog entry written by me in 2006 May 19 @ multiply]

Strange topic... ???!!! well... it shows that strange thoughts creep into my mind while i am doing my trekking training ... which happen this morning ... rather than leave it in my mind... why not just write it down...


for those who don't know... i am a F1 fan... just finish watching the Malaysia race... and my team lost again... the Prancing Horse aka the Red Scarlets...


so what's the link between a F1 car & a Human body...


for those who follows the race closely.. u will realise lots of strategies are put in place to try to win the race, such as:


- number of pit-stops, amount of fuel in tank, when the re-fuel, tyre-strategy, and of course all these factors are not standalone factors... the amount of fuel in the car will determine the amount of wear-and-tear of the tyre... and with the cars travelling at more than 300+ km/h.... when the tyres are no longer gripping strongly... the car might skit, or the wheels lock... etc...


Every single race, you will see tons of computer screens to aid the technical director to make the decision ... , such as


- the car cannot win the race already... but can hold position... they would want to save the engine --- pushing the engine too hard ... might need the team to change the engine for next race -- an auto drop in 10 places...


- to instruct the not to push the car too hard... in case of overconsumption of fuel


Our human system is like a F1 car... constantly going through wear-and-tear... luckily for us... we have a system that knows how to repair itself 24-hour non-stop...


for a car, we know how to lean too heavily on to one wheel... but do we as human take care of our body parts,


e.g. if we accelerate hard on a car... constantly .. what is the wear & tear compared to a car that is staying +/- 10% of optimum level... similarly, if we constantly 'accelerate' hard on our knees, ankles, etc .. rather than using them optimumly... what are the wear-and-tear...


we are not as lucky as F1 cars.. they can replace engines, tyres, fuels... as long as they have $$... but human systems... when the limits are constantly challenged way beyond recovery-rate/repair-rate... i suspect sooner or later there will be parts that is unable to repair fast enough... and it will show up in pain & aches... that refuses to go away..


So take care... listen to your body ;-) 

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