Students in Action Students in Action LS - Bidding Farewell to Post-Op Stiff Shoulder 131854163 PY - No more Sharp Back Pain, No more A&E 131854709 KK - A photo to check back on 83656004 J - Life after Akido 83658345 BH - Numb Leg No Problem 83658503 167574747 (Knocked) Knee Buckled - 1 (Jan 2013) Knee Buckled during extensive walking during the December holiday. Ongoing intensive and extensive program to rebuild and rebalance the weakened leg. Using a wooden plank as a measuring tool, see the parallelity of the leg with respect to the plank. 172608850 (Knocked) Knee Buckled - 2 Note how the knee is more aligned now to the plank. 172608774 Yoga for all ages 179706350