My Time at Pune 2009/10 My Time at Pune 2009/10 Annual Day - Jan 2009 Taken with the Bombay group - a friendly group. 92246528 Annual Day - Jan 2009 Performance by the children from the children class. How I wish I can attend yoga class when I was a kid. 92246529 Annual Day - Jan 2009 Sage Patanjali - the founder of yoga, and codified the Yoga Sutra for us to continue our journey. 92246530 Feb 2009 - A regular day The people responsible for the day to day running of the institute. 92246531 April 2009 - Saying a mini farewell to Guruji Headed back to Singapore to renew my visa. 92246532 Manish - the gatekeeper & me 92246533 April 2009 - Hanuman Jayanti The weather is REALLY HOT, and most foreigners stayed away with only less than 5 foreigners present. 92246834 July 2009 - Gurupurnima A day that we pay our respect to our Guru. 92246835 July 2009 - Gurupurnima My Guru is my inspiration to continue on my yoga journey. Many times feel like giving up & going back to the cash rich corporate world. :-) 92248168 October 2009 - Patanjali Jayanti For all practitioners of yoga, this is an important day. This is the day that we pay our respect to Sage Patanji. 92248169 December 2009 - Guruji's 91st birthday That's Guruji & me after I have given my respect to him. 92248170 January 2010 - Annual Day Wow, I am onto my 2nd consecutive annual day. Auntie Zarine who take great care of me when I struggle with the challenges in Pune. 92248171 March 2010 - A Practice Session This is my kind of practice - experiment-oriented, reflective, inward, highly-aware. Surprise to see Geetaji & Raya in the background :-) 92248172 142977594 142977595 Dec 2009 - Guruji (BKS Iyengar) 91st Birthday Presenting a token of appreciation to the great man that has shone the light on the path of yoga for me. 162782835