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The Iyengar Yoga Tradition

Stories of Iyengar Yoga Students @ Balancing Rocks Studio

   Key Highlights
HeleneIron-Casted Back; 'Non-responsive' toes; Diarrhoea
Poor Sleep Quality; Stomach Cramp; Migraine
Shoulder & Neck; Knee; Mental Alertness
Hui Qing
Pregnancy Back Pain
Pei Lin
Irritable Sharp Back Pain; Cause undetectable medical doctors
Menstrual Cramp & Back Pain; Frequent Urination; Headaches
Irritable Sharp Back Pain (at least 5 years); Doctors could not find real cause
AgathaStage 2C Breast Cancer Survivor; Side Effects from Chemotherapy; Moodiness; Back Pain since Birth
















Restorative Program for Breast Cancer (ongoing treatment) Students


  [Picture Above - Restorative Class in Progress]

"The restorative yoga program has helped me sleep better, increase mobility in my left arm and shoulder and manage hot flushes. The feeling of peace and restfulness that I get is also a warm welcome amidst the unpleasant effects of chemotherapy."  - (June 2011) 

 June Koh, 31, currently undergoing treatment for stage 2B breast cancer.

"I couldn't raise my left arm after surgery, but since starting this restorative yoga program I can move my left arm higher. What surprises me too is the stiffness in my neck is better, headache is better, and I have been sleeping better. Now my body is more relax and my mind is more at peace." - (June 2011)

Agatha Tan, 33, currently under treatment for stage 2C breast cancer.

"The day after attending my first restorative yoga class, I could move my arm easily. I was pleasantly surprise as I have been doing other exercises for the past 7 months without achieving the same effect. Right now I am also more relax and have a sense of peace and restfulness." - (June 2011)

Rosalind Tay, 69, currently undergoing treatment for stage 3 breast cancer.


Therapeutic Programs for Back Ailments Students


"I was troubled by chronic lower back issues since pregnancy in Jan 2005. One day after delivery, I was in excruciating pain with the slightest movement and was rushed to the A&E department. After given pain relief injection, and a series of CT and MRI scans, there were no exact diagnosis and the doctors could not find the real cause for the pain symptoms. The only advice given was to avoid strenuous exercise. However, I still suffers from intermittent pain on my lower back even after 4+ years of rest. 

Since started on the (lower back) program – both personalised & group class, I have less recurrence of irritable sharp pain around my hip areas. I’ve gained better knowledge on my problem and those recommended yoga poses have helped relieve my pain. Amazingly, I’ve realized by doing gentle stretching, my back is getting stronger now.”  

Victoria Lim, 35, suffering from lower back pain (acute & chronic episodes) since 2005 

 “I’ve had chronic neck pains for the last couple of years, and both chiropractors and physiotherapists have not managed to make a difference. Having now attended classes at Balancing Rocks for a number of months, the pain is significantly reduced.


I now attend personal classes with Eng Kiat to manage my upper back and painful left shoulder problems. Eng Kiat takes great care to ensure that I do the poses correctly so as not to further injure myself. Through constant reminders throughout the class, he has also heightened my awareness on my general posture and will now pay more attention to the way I walk, stand or sit. This has definitely helped to reduce the daily pain or discomfort I experience.”   


Yeo Pei Lin, 36, suffering from chronic pain for a few years